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You have the ring, the date, and the vision… but the stress of putting all the colors, textures, sounds, aromas, and flavors you have dreamed all your life together make your head spin. How do you make it perfect without losing your mind?

Stephen Hulbert, a Michigan Wedding Planner, starts to make your day perfect the minute that ring is slipped on your finger.

Pick the services you need – there’s no one-size-fits all wedding plans here. We customize our services to fit your vision and budget:


Wedding Planning Services a la carte
A la Carte Services

Need a “brainstorming session” to come up with viable ideas, or professional help on just one or two aspects of your wedding plans? Start with Hulbee’s a la carte services!
Wedding Planning Vendor ReferralsWedding Vendor Referrals
We know the best & most trustworthy wedding vendors – officiants, florists, halls and venues, caterers, cake designers, musicians, photographers, videographers and more. We will gladly refer you to the vendor that is the best fit for you.
Day-Of Wedding Coordination ServicesShort-Term Management
Made all the choices on your own, but want someone to step in during the last stressful weeks before the wedding to make sure everything and everyone is in line and ready to go? Ask about our “month before” management program, or our “day of the wedding” management program.

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Real Wedding Success Story

I was a bride who didn’t want a wedding! I wanted to run away, just didn’t want all the attention on me. Stephen made the scariest part easy for me, and I thank him for that!

Maureen & Nick




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