Hulbert Wedding FlowersFlowers and floral arrangements: who can conceive of a wedding without them?

Like a painter finishing his masterpiece, flowers are the final gracious touch to the wedding ceremony. You may wish to go with your favorite blossoms, or take the time to explore the hundreds of varieties of flowers available from around the globe. The fragrance of one flower variety may overpower the wedding, another may be too understated. Finding the balance is part of Hulbee’s flower planning services.

From a single bouquet and boutonniere to floral archways, pew markers, and table arrangements, Hulbee Weddings helps you select the colors that suit your season, style, and theme, then connects you with the perfect floral designer from our large network of the best florists in Michigan.

As part of our Wedding Planning service, we attend to all the details of floral installation and distribution to the wedding party members, so that you can tick that item off your list and simply enjoy your wedding day!


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Hulbee did an incredible job designing and creating the floral arrangements. The bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and pew decorations were breathtaking. You put our minds and hearts at ease with your suggestions for incorporating our four daughters into the ceremony.

– Rich and Kathy Brown
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