“We recommend Stephen because of his ability to incorporate your individual beliefs and traditions into a custom ceremony. His complete respect of your individuality and exceptional ability to draw on emotions and create a loving, happy atmosphere are unique. He’s friendly, has a great personality and wonderful reputation – and an elegant voice!”
Kathy and Rick Brown

“I was a bride who didn’t want a wedding!  I wanted to run away… I just did not want all of the attention on me.  Stephen did everything perfect and made me feel comfortable.  For that I thank him.  We are very happy with the way that our special day unfolded and would not change a thing. I have already referred him to a friend. ”

“Stephen customized the ceremony with great ideas and suggestions to make it exactly what we wanted. The experience was stress-free and easy because he was so punctual and committed to meeting everyone and helping his clients.”
Andy & Liz

“Stephen has made a difference for us by making our wedding everything we wanted. He provided us with gorgeous flowers and a beautiful ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for anything better!”
Jed and Amanda Jones

“Hulbee assisted in setting up and tearing down at my wedding. The wedding went off without a problem. Everything was arranged and orchestrated beautifully. He and his helpers were responsible, creative, motivated and dependable. His easy-going, helpful nature and knowledge of event planning and production really helped.”

Family Events

“Stephen assisted with our daughter’s first birthday party. He picked up balloons, helped decorate, assisted with crowd control, took photographs and even helped clean up when the event was over. Without his help, the party certainly wouldn’t have gone as smoothly. He was a lifesaver!”
Anthony & Heather

“Stephen Hulbert assisted me in planning and celebrating a grand 5th birthday party. Stephen is reliable, friendly, listens to your needs, is professional and well educated. His professionalism, his interest in your event, friendliness, and trustworthiness makes him a great planner. Stephen Hulbert assisted prior to and during the celebration. He arrived very well dressed and was always prepared with his paperwork.  Stephen showed his excellence in greeting and making the guests feel comfortable during the party. He works hard and I have no doubt about his future being bright.”
Mika Patel


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