My vision for Hulbee Gardens

Hulbee Gardens will be an integrated lifestyle experience – a Live Event, Learning and Retreat Center.

We plan to develop 20 acres – half of the acres to be farmed organically – along with beautiful flower gardens and cutting beds. Sheep. alpacas, goats, horses, chickens and bees will also be at Hulbee Gardens.

Also on site will be an educational center, a school, a wedding chapel, banquet hall, bed and breakfast inn, and a retail store to sell items created on site: candles, honey, maple syrup, soap, yarn, goat’s milk and cheeses. Our educational center will be a new building with restored one-room school houses serving as classrooms for other functions.

Hulbee Gardens will be a “past meets present” incorporation of the newest technologies like geothermal heat, wind and solar systems to power a complex dedicated to traditional enterprises. Outbuildings will have green roofs and will use the latest energy-efficient utility systems.

Call 586 291 6293 to learn more about our vision for Hulbee Gardens.

Hulbee Gardens

A school and live event center at Hulbee Gardens will be set up as a nonprofit organization with the purpose of educating children and adults in the ways of self-sustaining living, history, the arts and all the requirements of a modern education.

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