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Serving the entire Detroit Metro Area, Hulbee Weddings and Events is unique because we offer a complete package of venues, flowers, calligraphy, entertainment and the personalized services of Stephen Hulbert, a Senior Chaplain and Wedding Officiant, for the perfect wedding ceremony.

We do event planning and event coordinating around the globe, but primarily serving Michigan’s Metro Detroit area, Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Lapeer County and Washtenaw County.

Whether your vision is a luncheon or a society gala, a birthday event, a business or corporate meeting, conference, golf outing, or office party, Hulbee has years of experience in production planning. We’ll be ready with proper management from start to finish: announcements, staffing, design, assembling, management and more.

Call Hulbee if you are thinking of a destination wedding, or need help with bridal or baby showers.

Generally, one year is needed to plan a wedding – even longer for destination weddings. Remember, you must have a marriage license and requirements vary from county to county. We have prepared a guide for you – download our list of marriage license requirements for Michigan counties. Also download our complete list of Michigan County Clerk offices, where you will have to go to obtain a marriage license.

Even if your timeline is condensed and you only have weeks to plan, we have options for your special day. You’ll relax knowing your event will be beautiful and well-run; you and your guests may enjoy a truly unforgettable day.

Call 586 291 6293 meet with Stephen and get started on planning a memorable wedding or event.



“The wedding went off without a hitch. Everything was organized and orchestrated beautifully. Stephen was responsible, creative, motivated, dependable and easy-going. I would recommend Hulbee Weddings and Events because they are trustworthy, on time, dependable, helpful and knowledgeable.”

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