Why Hulbee?

Why Hulbee Weddings & Events over the hundreds of other wedding planning companies in southeast Michigan?


Have Your Wedding Your Way with Hulbee©Hulbee Events & Productions
You Can Have it Your Way

We’ll help as little or as much as you need, whether that is a kickstart for your own creativity, or full management of your wedding or event. No sales hype or pressure.

We Refer only the Best©Diane Dunne – Hart & Harp
We  Know Who You Need to Meet

We’ve built strong relationships with the most reputable vendors in the area, be they caterers, musicians, magicians, or off-the-beaten-path but oh-so-perfect event venues.


 What’s with the Bee?

Wedding Officiant & Planner in Michigan - HulbeeOne of Stephen Hulbert’s hobbies is beekeeping. By including “bee” in the name of his company, he honors the industrious nature of the honeybee, who works very hard and is always a team player. That’s the attitude and work ethic of Stephen’s staff as well. As supplies allow, Stephen sometimes provides small jars of his honey to brides as wedding favors.

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